Furthering Equity and Inclusion

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 Thank you for taking the time to explore different points of view. All content was chosen to represent various viewpoints and to help us gain an understanding from a different perspective.

Particularly if you’re just starting on this journey, it can be pretty uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is a great time for introspection and not necessarily a bad place to be. It can also be a good time for thoughtful discussion with peers, a motivation for compassionate action, or an entry into deeper exploration. None of the content provided is to shame anyone, but, rather, to ask “where do I fit in to any of this and how do I feel about my role in the bigger picture?”

In varying ways, we all have privilege, we all have hardships, and we all come to the table with unique perspectives and experiences. The purpose of these exercises is to learn more about the lived experience of those outside our own circle, wherever that circle is.

It is my hope that these videos and articles will spark conversations among us and open up the lines of communication for all who work and visit here.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. If there is content that you would like to see here, please let me know. I will work directly with the Office of Equity and Diversity to approve content.

Grounding Assumptions for OED Workshops

•The work of equity and diversity is about creating community, which involves building trust through careful listening, respectful disagreement, and taking risks

• We will do our best to be present & minimize distractions

•We respect each other’s confidentiality; pay attention to what is yours to share – and what is not

•We are all doing the best we can

•Growth and learning can be uncomfortable; remember it’s ok to make mistakes - we all do

•We always need to practice self-awareness:  Think about when you’re speaking up; Think about when you’re not speaking up

•Individuals and organizations can – and do – grow and change, but it doesn’t happen overnight

•This work is everyone’s responsibility; every person is capable of making equity and diversity a core value in their life

•There are no “quick fixes,” and we don’t have to fix everything

•It’s ok to take care of ourselves; practice forgiveness and letting go, so you can sustain yourself in this work

I look forward to learning alongside you and the personal growth that comes from sharing our stories.

With gratitude,

Kim Carrier


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