Using the EZ Pass Lane

Here’s how the Volunteer EZ Pass works –

• Use your most recent membership card (not your volunteer badge) to enter the EZ Pass lane.

Photo provided by the Arboretum Photographer's Society

• Anyone with a donor-level membership may continue to use their card as is designated – nothing has changed.
• All volunteers are welcome to use the Volunteer EZ Pass membership card for their own admission at any time. Please do not use this card to bring in additional guests; doing so may revoke your privileges.  
• If your Volunteer EZ Pass membership card does not work in the EZ Pass Lane, please show gatehouse staff your volunteer name tag and proceed to the Membership desk in the Oswald Visitor’s Center. The automated system should provide enough information that we can correct the error.  Your name tag should look like this:

Name tag template

• Expired background checks and lapsed memberships will automatically deny entry through the EZ Pass lane for those with a Volunteer EZ Pass membership.
• The Volunteer EZ Pass eliminates the need to make a reservation except for attendance (as a guest) at ticketed events.
• The Volunteer EZ Pass was activated on March 1st.

EZ pass arm